Beautiful Human, 

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This website welcomed a population of people who courageously shared their moments managing chronic illness using our unique storytelling methodOur biggest challenge was to scale these communities and our pace ultimately led to our closure, but not before we made a major impact in the lives of many.

Through anecdotal and formal research, we demonstrated that users improved their sense of life purpose through supporting others. Our existing users had less suicidal thoughts. They felt less lonely. These emotion-led posts showcased authentic moments in adversity:  Moments of living, of dying, setbacks, progress, and connection

As social media platforms are getting lambasted for having negative health effects, we learned that it’s possible to have online interaction that’s good for you. We are proud to have shown the world that connecting people through their own vulnerability can make them stronger and that changing ones life perspective through reflection can heal. Peer-to-peer support is powerful and undervalued.

If you are looking for someone who gets what you’re experiencing, please do one of two things:

1. Reach out to us and we will try and connect you to someone who can help.
2. Keep searching online for someone you relate to. You can change the course of your healing by validating the fact you are not alone,

From this moment on, may you embrace the power of possibility, because you have power in your healing and it’s starts with the story of you. Here’s an example of what we mean.


Kate Milliken