"When the mind shifts from fear... the mind can heal the body... It's simple physiology."

Sharing your MS

In this report, we have gathered what we have learned from thousands of posts, about how to share one’s MS with yourself, with others and with the world.

It’s a quick read, yet you may want to study it for hours.

Use it for yourself, share it with others, or save it for that moment when you will inevitably hear of someone else who needs it.

It’s part news… part psychology… and like any good how-to guide, part workbook.

It’s a .pdf file that you can print out, or read online, and it has a fun-to-read introduction letter about how the report came to be, written by yours truly.

Founder, MyCounterpane

How Has Losing Your Job/Work Affected You?

MyCounterpane has reunited with Heather Leffel once again to ask an important question that is a challenging aspect of living with a chronic illness such as multiple sclerosis: employment. Whether you had a career you loved or a part-time job that helped pay the...

One-on-One With Amy Gurowitz

Kate Milliken talks with Amy Gurowitz, one of the first veterans of MS she met. Amy is a mom and MS advocate and was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting MS in 1988. Amy's MS has progressed, and she is now using...

One-on-One with Jason DeSilva

 Kate Milliken sat down with Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Jason DaSilva to discuss his film, When I Walk, his life with multiple sclerosis, and what he's up to next. Hint: He's not slowing down anytime soon.  ...

[ Video 1 ] Don’t hide

In the past month, there have been more than a dozen articles in the news about loneliness and our health, so our team went on to see what our users say about the subject. What they found is that our users engage one another to understand and move through their...

[ Video 2 ] You are not alone

This video is the second of three in our series of sharing what we’ve learned by interacting with the communities on MyCounterpane since 2013. It picks up where the last one left off and goes into some powerful choices for healing: Visualization and silver linings....