Hello! We hope you’re having a great week. We sure are, especially since there’s so much good news going around. Haven’t heard yet? No problem! Check out the fascinating stories below and don’t forget to share your opinions below.

In The News


√ Motivational Expert and author Michelle Segar discusses why men and women often fail at self-care. Learn her five core strategies for people who have had a history of start/stopping a diet and exercise regimen. 

√ “We’ve Never Seen Multiple Sclerosis This Way Before” is a story about Nadine Friedman-Roberts and her journey to photograph people with multiple sclerosis. 

√ A recent study published in Neurology on May 27 shows that survival is improving among patients with multiple sclerosis. Great news!

√ A surprising study about the effects of stress. Maybe you’ve been doing it right all along.  

√ The National MS Society is investing $28 million for new research to stop MS, restore function and end MS forever. Yes, you read that right! 

In The Blogs


√ Christie of The Lesion Journals met Jack Osborne at a Race To Erase Ms event in LA. She even walked an orange carpet! 

Chronically Something is funny, honest and raw. A must read for the chronically something. 

√ In case you missed it, here is Kate’s blog post about erasing a lesion in her C4 vertebrae. Video proof included!

√ Beth from Modern Day MS shares her “overcoming MS” story. A must read! 

√ Tracy from Tracy Lemtrada Journey tests a wine vs. water theory. Hilarity ensues. 

Facebook News


√ Looking to try and Facebook Group? Say hello to MSPals. Their admins make sure there’s no selling, no drama, and even with over 1,000 members, you’ll get a personal welcome shoutout.

Moodifier Of The Week


√ Ann Abrams is happy and we’re happy for her! Check out what has her smiling so much this week.


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