Before I founded, I was a producer who made testimonial videos. This means I never wrote a script; I just opened the door for people to tell and show me their story.

Now, I want to create an honest video about what MS brings to each and every one of us living with MS.

√ MS brings moments of struggle as we try and treat the illness itself. The side effects of medication, arduous physical therapy, the foot drop, the hospital visits…. People need to see this is part of MS.

√ MS can also bring new accessories. The wheelchair ramp, the bed lift, the voice-activated trying software…. People need to see this is part of MS.

√ MS also brings more abstract repercussions. New friends, fundraising gatherings, wise thoughts, realizations of what’s important….. Again, this is part of MS and people need to know.

Please share something that is part of your life with MS in a video or in a photo upload and description. Your submissions will be added to a piece that will show the outside world what MS really brings into our lives.

Update: Your responses