Visiting a neurologist is one of the activities every MSer knows all too well. It can be a rollercoaster of emotions, before, during and after the appointment. And no matter how many times you go, there are some concerns that just never seem to go away. Below are the five fears I experience every time I have a neurologist appointment.

5. My Health Insurance

No matter how hard I work to make sure my health insurance is active and to know how much my copay is, the fear of walking up to the receptionist plagues me during every visit. Will their systems work? Will I have to pay more than I thought? Let’s hope not!

4. My Referral From Primary Care Physician

I called the primary physician five times to make sure they sent it…but did they? I won’t know until I get there because oddly enough, no one picks up the phone right when I need them most. 

3. Paying The Co-Pay

I’m a huge believer that health is priceless, but that doesn’t mean it comes cheap. I’ve had my fair share of nightmares about paying my deductible and co-pay. Just when I think I’ve figured out my insurance coverage, something changes – whether it’s the insurance or the doctor’s office accepting the insurance. In any case, ANXIOUS is what I feel when I’m checking in to my appointment.

2. Disappointing My Neurologist

If only my fear of disappointing my neurologist was a constant thought I had – if it were, perhaps I wouldn’t be so afraid! When she asks about my habits and whether or not I’ve been taking my Tecfidera, I have no choice but to be honest. Sometimes the honesty causes a frown on her face, and I have to give myself a stern talking to.

Other times, I’ve impressed her with my workout routine and healthy living habits. The goal is always to impress, but even when I know I’ve been doing good, the fear doesn’t go away entirely.

1. New Lesions On The MRI 

After the neurologist comes the MRI, and there’s nothing I fear more than getting negative results. Of course, new lesions are par for the course when you have MS, but I know I’m not the only one that doesn’t like this part of their visit. To ease the fear of new lesions, I drink chamomile tea and think positive thoughts. And although those things have no real impact on the results, it makes me feel calmer while I wait.

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