When MyCounterpane first embarked on building a blog for MyCounterpane users to visit, we began by asking a question we knew you would want to answer: What Was The Best Thing A Neurologist Ever Said To You? And your responses were impassioned, empowering and inspiring – the trifecta of how we’d love for you to feel every day.

While all of your submissions touched us, one story stood out from the rest – MCP user Brooke Murray’s journey is utterly unique, and, fortunately, has a very happy ending.

Brooke had been living with an MS diagnosis when her husband accidentally dislocated her hip while she was giving birth to their daughter. Unfortunately, no one realized this had happened and Brooke’s walking ability worsened. Her neurologist saw her increased disability, and held firm to the belief that whatever was going on with Brooke was NOT her MS. Because of his conviction, Brooke continued to seek the answer. She discovered the true problem and has started documenting her PT journey to get walking again on MyCounterpane.

Watch a snippet of Brooke’s story below and see it unfold from the beginning on her MyCounterpane profile.

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