Meet The Guests

Dr. Bruce Bebo: Executive VP of Research for the National MS Society

Mitch Sturgeon: clinical trial participant/blogger/MyCounterpane user living with PPMS

Clinical Trials 101

  • MS is currently the neurological condition with the most scientific progress.
  • The bridge between an idea and a clinical trial is three phases
    • Phase 1: Drug administered to a healthy subject to gauge risks of side-effects. There have been known injuries during this stage.
    • Phase 2: Agent is tested on the population living with the disorder.
    • Phase 3: It is determined whether or not the drug gets approved. A large study (1000+ participants) is needed and the FDA requires 2 studies for safety purposes.
  • It takes about 10 years and 2.6 billion dollars, on average, to bring a drug to market. Less than 12% make it to the market.

How To Find A Clinical Trial 

  • Visit if you’re interested in participating in a clinical trial.
  • It’s not just drug-based – there is also physical therapy clinical trials.

“Whether the trial is successful and the agent is approved, or it fails and doesn’t work, whatever the outcome, we learn something. It helps in creating ideas for new therapies and better treatment for individuals living with MS. They help create a path for future trials.” – Dr. Bruce Bebo

Clinical Trials For MS