MCP User Darla Vaughan Living With Progressive MS When MCP user Darla Vaughan was diagnosed with progressive MS, her life opened up to a new set of struggles, questions and emotions. Like any person diagnosed with illness, Darla quickly began researching, the illness itself, but also began to seek support options that could connect her with others like her.

Not surprisingly, Darla found that she just couldn’t find the answers she needed… or wanted (this is the same problem that was the genesis to MyCounterpane). As her journey progressed, Darla wondered why she couldn’t be a valuable resource for others living with MS. Quickly, she learned that she could be that voice and she’s become it.

Darla has partnered with friends Mary Pettigrew and Caroline Palmer of MS Pals, a global community for all things MS and chronic illness, and they have created something special that has made an impact on Darla and so many others.

Watch the video to see how Darla became that voice, to see how her life has changed for the better because of it and how yours can, too.