How To Overcome MS Loneliness,

Chronic pain, misunderstood emotions, unsharable symptoms, an urge to withdrawal from the world….the list goes on and on as to why one might feel isolated after getting diagnosed with MS.

Whether you have family and friends who think you’re making it up (damn you, invisible symptoms) or a job that doesn’t accommodate you (that’s illegal), the feeling that no one understands what you’re going through can be overwhelming, depressing, and most of all, lonely.

I know because I’ve experienced that loneliness after I was diagnosed with MS four years ago.

I felt that even if I could share what I was going through, no one would truly understand, not even those who were also living with MS. I was wrong, of course, but it didn’t stop me from feeling that way.

Luckily I met Kate Milliken and was introduced to the world of MyCounterpane. Once I opened up to the possibility that I could reduce my loneliness by sharing my feelings with other MSers, the heavy burden of solitude went away.

That is my journey. Now it’s time to share yours.

How do you overcome and cope with your feelings of loneliness? Share your tips and tricks below and help a fellow MSer feel a little less alone.