“Empowered By…” is a first of its kind live video event connecting viewers and guests with groundbreaking innovations and treatments in the health and wellness space.

Hosted every week by Kate Milliken, CEO & Founder of MyCounterpane, the show will offer unprecedented access to scientists, doctors and experts in the medical profession mixed with the true life experience and case studies of people in all stages of chronic or mental illness.

Along with the experts, Kate will offer the latest scientific and medial news in layman’s terms and provide experiential proof, helping real people get empowered to own and best handle their chronic illnesses.

Our first show will be titled “Empowered By MS and Diet” and, along with Kate, will feature two guests.

Dr. Patrizia Casaccia is an MD and researcher Mt. Sinai in New York City. Dr. Casaccia specializes in the research areas of neurodegeneration and disease progression in MS.

Most recently, Dr. Casaccia and her team have been examining the effect of high salt/high fat diets in mice with MS and have also garnered some important information about the microbiome in MS. The microbiome is the bacteria in your gut and this show will give you a full explanation of why it’s important in your life with MS, as well as some things to think about in terms of what you eat.

Our second guest, Tiffany Campbell,  is a MyCounterpane user with relapsing Remitting MS. Tiffany has lived with MS for ___ Years and deal with Y (Diana pending). In the past year, Tiffany has worked to change her diet and has seen some interesting results.

Tune in on May 2 at 11AM, EST. You can access the show thought this link: