In 2011, when I was 27-years-old and engaged to be married, I was diagnosed with MS. I’ve heard stories of fiancés leaving their partner after an MS diagnosis –  it happened to MCP user Sergio Rodriguez whose story, over time, turned out to have a very happy ending. People who love and who are not afraid of the monster known as MS exist. I feel lucky that my fiancé became my husband.

After hearing such stories, I can’t help but feel grateful that Vinny decided I was worth the extra effort. I am grateful! But that doesn’t mean our relationship has been free of maddening moments when he simply couldn’t understand what I was going through. How could he? He was going through his own experience and adjusting to a new normal as a “caretaker.”

MS is a journey of acceptance and understanding for everyone involved, but that doesn’t mean we, the MSers, can’t vent and complain. We’re the ones living with the chronic illness, and it’s healthy to share feelings of all kinds.

Without further ado, I list the top three most frustrating things my husband has ever said to me after my MS diagnosis:

  1. Why are you so tired?
  2. Why are you depressed?
  3. You know working out will help you with fatigue, right?

(Okay, so the third one is only annoying because he’s right, but annoying nonetheless)

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