KnowAboutMsIn the case of autoimmune diseases, many of the symptoms are invisible to the eye. Much of the experience of having MS is internal. This means that the only way to understand MS is to hear it from either those who have it, or those who know a lot about it.

MyCounterpane has launched a webcast, Empowered By…, that pulls people from both spaces and we want to talk about the subjects that interest you most. We’ve already produced three episodes: MS and Diet, MS and Fatigue, and MS and Stem Cell Treatments (to be released in the next week), and we can’t wait to answer more of your most pressing questions in Episode 4 (and beyond).

Which is why we are asking you: What do you want to know most about MS?

Maybe you’ve had it for years but you still have questions, or are curious about the experience of other MSers. Perhaps you’re eager to learn about the new advancements in the field but don’t know which sources to trust. Or maybe you suspect you might have it.

We know you’ve got questions. And we’ve got answers.

Please record below what you want to know most about MS, and remember that there are no stupid questions! We welcome all of them and will keep them in mind when we’re planning our next webcast of Empowered By….

Update: Your responses