What makes YOU feel most beautiful?

Founder of #MSBeautiful, Lisa Dryer, is teaming up with Kate Milliken and MyCounterpane to show the world what beautiful means to you.

When you are diagnosed with a chronic illness like MS, beauty might not always be your main priority. But that doesn’t mean that feeling beautiful stops being important.

That is why we want to know: what do you do on a daily basis or on special occasions to feel beautiful? For yourself, for others, inside and out.

Whether you feel beautiful when you’ve accomplished a challenging goal, or when your hair has just been handled by a glam squad, we want to know what makes you feel the most beautiful.

Use the form below to submit your response, gorgeous!

Once we receive your submissions, we will create a video to show the world just how beautiful MS can be.

(Update: February 14, 2017 – The submissions are IN and the video is now LIVE! Your responses were beyond beautiful and while we’d still love to hear your answers if you have yet to contribute (please submit your response below), you can watch the video by scrolling down to the end of this post.)

Update: Your responses