What kind of MS pain do you have and how does it impact your life?

There was once a time when pain and multiple sclerosis were not associated with one another. In those times, you may have visited a neurologist and complained about painful symptoms, only to have your feelings and complaints dismissed. Today, however, we know this is not the case, and that pain is a very much a major symptom of living with MS.

According to the National MS Society,

“Pain that occurs as a result of nervous system disease is different from the “good” pain that serves to protect the body from further injury…. [In] “chronic” or recurrent pain – especially pain that occurs because of disease or injury of the nervous system – [it] serves no useful purpose. It robs sleep, saps energy, dampens mood, and curbs appetite. In some chronic pain conditions, the constant barrage of pain nerve signals sensitizes the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) so much that pain is intensified and even a light touch can hurt.”

Can you relate to feelings described above? if so, please help Heather Leffel and Kate Milliken spread the word about the connection between MS and pain. Contribute your experiences with pain and MS below.

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