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In the meantime, please enjoy the following MS news stories. You’ll notice there are several articles about the gut/brain connection, and we’re proud to share with you our very first segment of Empowered By that discusses the topic at length with researcher and professor at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, Dr. Patrizia Cassaccia. You can view the broadcast here.

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1. There have been recent advancements in understanding the complex pathogensis of progressive MS (PMS) to develop new treatments. Even though there are no current treatments to slow or stop progressive MS, this is hopeful news!

2. Drug company Roche is testing a new drug that slows the progression of several forms of MS without the side effect of infection that come with other drugs, such as Tecfidera, which may cause PML.

3. Researchers at the Center of Excellence for Myelin Repair are making progress in linking depression in MS patients to gut metabolites with decreased function in myelin forming cells in the brain.

4. A researcher at the Ann Romney Center for Neurologic Disease at BWH is exploring more ways dietary tryptophan acts on the molecular pathways of brain inflammation.

5. An Irish student is traveling to Arizona to compete in the International Science and Engineering Fair with her invention of a therapy device to improve hand dexterity. Amazing news and something that would please MCPer Mitch Sturgeon, who adjusted his own utensils for an easier eating experience. (Have you done the same? Share your story here!)

6. A drug being developed from an extract of the O. affines plant seems to have potential for the treatment of autoimmune diseases and may be on track for clinical trials in the next two years.

7. A woman living with MS talks about her day-to-day challenges and the help that comes from her family and her neighbors.

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