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One of our 2016 resolutions is to continue to bring you important news, events and perspectives from the MS realm.  Below is a cornucopia for your consumption!  We welcome your comments either here or via where you can moodify your thoughts .


√ A recent study published on showed that MS patients showed significant immunological improvements after taking high doses of vitamin D3.

√ New research suggests it may be possible to vaccinate against PML in MS patients.

√ Pharmaceutical company Hoffmann-La Roche is filing for final FDA approval of a new drug that treats both relapsing and progressive MS.

√ New research from Northwestern University and the University of Chicago suggests the death of brain cells may trigger MS; promising new treatments may result.

√ Regular exercise has many benefits for multiple sclerosis patients, even those with physical limitations.

√ AXIM seeks to bring cannabis-based chewing gum to the USA to treat MS patients.

√ Childhood obesity linked to increased risk of developing MS.

√ Fox Business Network newsman Neil Cavuto discusses how multiple sclerosis, and the support of his newsroom, made him a better person

√ The National Multiple Sclerosis Society launches #HappyDanceMS to raise money for MS research.

√ Amy Schumer discusses her father’s battle with MS in a Barbara Walters interview.

√ An Ohio woman with MS donated her wheel chair accessible van to another MS’er after his van was stolen.

√ MS Author Trevis Gleason talks about his struggles with MS on the Travel with Rick Steves radio show.

In The Blogs

√ Wheelchair Kamikaze writes about his new year through the eyes of MS.

√ Cathy from An Empowered Spirit shares the five words that will inspire you in 2016.

√ Nicole Lemelle of My New Normals cries for a cure and opens up about her MS in 2016.

Image Source: Healthline


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