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We hope you’re having a great week. We’ve been pretty busy planning an exciting new campaign about your MS (details to come soon) but we’re thrilled with the news we’ve read these past week. From a vitamin D discovery that will help future research to a newly developed algorithm by Indian students that will help early detection, the world of MS knowledge is growing by the day. And that is EXCEPTIONAL news.

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In The News

√ A recent genetic study found a link between low vitamin D and a higher risk of multiple sclerosis. Experts find the new research can lead to better treatment and prevention.

√ Engineering students in India have developed an algorithm that can help detect multiple sclerosis at an early stage.

√ An man living with MS (and a prosthetic leg from a work injury) set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for his dog, Sugar’s surgery. Sugar gives him the hope to wake up every morning, so let’s help his best friend!

√ Living with MS is a challenge but these six skills will help you manage and cope with your MS better.

√  New research shows that decreased activity levels are linked to cognitive impairment in patients with MS. After you read the article, go outside and be as active as you can.

In The Blogs

√ A mother writes her son a letter explaining her MS.

√ When MS is a license to feel like crap…but you don’t want to.

√ A progress in wellness and symptom management for MS that doesn’t involve DMD. Thank you, National MS Society.


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